Jemma and Charlie

02.05.17  |  Kids!

Hello there, Jemma! Jemma had some big news to share with me when I arrived at her family's home for a photo shoot...

...Jemma's a big sister! Her little sister Charlie was born just a few weeks ago. What a cutie. Charlie was just finishing her nap... Jemma and I took a few pictures on our own. This is one of her favorite decorations. As you can see, the picture will help Jemma learn how to say "I love you" in languages from around the world!

After a few more minutes, Charlie opened her eyes and decided to join the party.

Jemma is such a good sister. She's attentive and caring...

...but also knows how to be silly.

Here's Jemma with her dad...

...and making sure mom gets a hug, too.

I photographed Jemma's parent's wedding a few years back. It's always fun to catch up with my wedding couples and see what (or who) is new!

I had a blast hanging out with your family, Jemma! I hope to see you all again very soon!!

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