This is where it went down…
… our night in a treehouse!
Can you believe it?
The treehouse was settled comfortably in this huge California Live Oak.
We climbed up the ladder and walked into the cabin.
There were two beds… one of which was a queen sized loft bed. Each bed was dressed with comfy blankets and quilts.
This was the view from the top! You could swing, hang out on the bench or sit on the balcony of the treehouse.
They had some treehouse appropriate books.
And this line from Where The Wild Things Are was very fitting!
Things looked a little different at night.
I started to see things.
Scary things.
It was too much for me. Time for bed.
The treehouse DOES rock! If you’re ever staying in the San Francisco area, you should definitely contact Doug & Linda to book your night (or more) in the clouds!