Wrenn had her gorgeous dress hanging in the window when I arrived. She was checking it over before I took a few photos.
Her hair stylist helped her with some last minute hair details!
Aaron was getting ready in another room but soon headed to the Modern Wing to wait Wrenn’s arrival.
Back in the ladies room…
Wrenn was making the perfect bow.
Her sister helped her out.
Her sister, niece and mother made sure she was ready for Aaron.
And we were off!
Her flowers from Christine Noelle Design were outstanding!
Aaron was all set for Wrenn to head up the beautiful staircase at the Art Institute to see each other for the first time that day!
Her dress was covered in little feathers that attached to Aaron’s suit jacket in a matter of seconds!
After the “clean up”, we headed around the stunning museum.
Practicing their first dance amongst the gorgeous statues.
I love this one.
We scouted out some great spots pre-wedding and kept a steady pace around the museum on the wedding day. We hit a ton of great spots!
Definitely the center of attention!
I really love the shapes in this one!
One of their favorite pieces in the galleries.
I couldn’t resist the colors here!
Love this shot of the bride.
Playing around near the Pollock.
The security just thought we were nuts.
We met up with the bridal party in the lobby to head across the street for more photos.
The skies were not looking nice but we kept going!
The rain eventually got us! It was over in minutes and we headed to the ceremony on the terrace of the Modern Wing.
This is the face of a bride whose dress gets stepped on. I see this about 40 times a year! =)
This guy begged for me to take his picture. I am still not quite sure why!!?
And we arrived without a drop of rain on the dress!
The guests were ready for the big show.
Don’t worry, the rain is long gone!
Aaron gives his mother a big hug and his father was as proud as ever.
Watching Wrenn head his way!
She was escorted by both her mother and father.
I love her mother’s expression here!
The view of the ceremony amidst Roger Hiorns’ sculpture. It was pretty fantastic!
The birds were flying overhead during the “i do’s”.
Aaron’s father and Wrenn’s mother participate in the ceremony.
Wrenn’s father.
Aaron’s parents.
Wrenn’s brother performed the ceremony.
The bride was all smiles!
Exchanging vows.
I love the single bird in the sky.
That’s it!
Some details from their day.

The chuppah and the architecture of the Modern Wing looked very cool side by side.

Wrenn’s mother had a student from Columbia College design these creative place cards for the reception.
An awesome wedding program!
Her mother also found someone to create these giant paper flowers. They looked amazing in the beautifully lit room.
The tables were full of bright colors.
I am a little obsessed with craspedia’s. I love these flowers!
And the rings!
They wasted no time in getting the party started!

The first dance.

A dip.
And a hora!
Wrenn’s mother starts the speeches.
Her father joins in.
Her sister.
Aaron’s brother.
Aaron was touched by his brother’s heartfelt speech. It was pretty great!
Wrenn’s niece was too concerned with her spaghetti to care about the speeches! =)
I love Aaron’s expression when he thanked everyone for coming.
His father joined the fun facial expressions!
Wrenn dances with her father.
Aaron and his mother get the dance floor going!
We stepped outside for some night shots.
So glad we did!!!
Thanks for the amazing night. Have a blast on your journey.