Braxton photographed Adriana and Miguel’s wedding a few weeks ago, and here are a few of my favorite photos:

The gorgeous bride.

It looks like Adriana’s bridesmaids did an excellent job attending to her!
What a beautiful bride…
…and brave, too! An excellent salesman sold a red popsicle to a bride in her wedding dress!
The ceremony begins.
Adriana and Miguel at the altar.
They started wedding portraits off with their best silly faces.
And then the happy couple and Braxton were off to take photos around the neighborhood.
An amazing picture in front of an amazing mural.
Adriana and Miguel received a big welcome upon arriving at the reception.
A toast to the happy couple!
Miguel thanked the guests for sharing the day with he and Adriana by singing to them!
And they shared their first dance together as husband and wife.
A successful dollar dance!
The guests get ready for the dance party.
And it looks like it was quite a party, at that!
Adriana and Miguel take a moment to themselves.
And then take one last picture with Braxton.
Congratulations, Miguel and Adriana! And great work, Braxton!