It’s not so easy shooting a trash the dress session the day after a big party. The look on her face in this shot is priceless. She was actually ready to go but I asked her to look “over it”.
We jumped in her fathers golf cart and headed around their property to take advantage of another day of perfect weather in Northern Wisconsin!
Dawn Roscoe joined me for their wedding and she was nice enough to photograph their trash the dress too. This is one of my favorite shots that she did that day.
No time to clean the wedding clothes when you shoot the next morning!
I really love this one!
I grabbed a quick shot of Derrick before Adrienne joined him.
Their good friend and hair stylist drove by with a beauty pageant wave! He did a great job making Adrienne and her family and friends look perfect for the wedding and trash the dress.
My favorite “thank you” photo ever.
The trees near their house were just amazing!
They headed out to the dock for a few more shots before they took the plunge.
Here we go! They were both preparing for what was to come.
It would have taken a lot of spins to get that dress dry again.
They were having a blast.
Adrienne doing some serious posing!
I LOVE this one!
Her father was in charge of making sure that I got the right shot. He was a master behind the wheel of that boat!
My first wave running bride and groom.
Their family watched the madness from the dock.
This guy just floated by. What the what!?!
These next two may be my favorite ever. An homage to the horror genre. =)
You guys were awesome! Thanks so much for getting soaked.