It’s Alex and Calvin’s birthday!!!! They hosted a big party at Windy City Fieldhouse and invited all their family and friends to join them in celebrating. They were so happy to see everyone– hugs were given freely!
Also in attendance was Spiderman… in cake form! The boys couldn’t wait to dig into the cake… I was pretty excited about it, too.
There was so much do at the field house… basketball, scooters, bouncy balls…
…it was more than SOME guests could handle.
Look at that smile! I think the party was a hit!
Calvin and Alex’s older brother Paris was in on the fun, too. He was showing everyone up on the basketball court.
But all the playing came to a screeching halt when it was time for cake. The boys couldn’t take their eyes off it…
Happy Birthday, Alex and Calvin!
It was delicious cake, too!
Ingrid’s father’s face was filled with surprise when he realized that his mouth would be blue as a result of eating the cake…
…a fact not missed by the boys!
What a party! Thanks for including me, Alex and Calvin. I hope all your birthday wishes come true!