This is Jon, possibly doing a dance move before meeting his bride…
And this is Katya and Jon, who Alice photographed in the West Loop this past fall.
It was threatening rain, but the couple wanted to get out and have some fun before their ceremony…
They stopped into the new Emporium Fulton Market for a quick pick-up game of air hockey.
Next stop was Green Street Smoked Meats, with a quick detour in one my favorite West Loop spots.
After the photo shoot, the couple headed back to their hotel to hang out and grab some other pictures before the ceremony began!
Before long, the couple were walking down the aisle at Morgan’s on Fulton.
Then the party, catered by Big Star, was in full swing.
As an extra treat, Jon and his band played a few songs to celebrate their marriage!
So happy for you Katya and Jon! And thank you for letting Alice be there to capture your special day!