Alisa and Loren’s wedding day had finally arrived and I was happy to be along for the ride, photographing this fun and creative couple as they tied the knot. That knot-tying began at Tsubo Salon, which is owned and operated by one of Alisa’s good friends. While Alisa was having the final touches made to her hair and makeup design, I took pictures of her dress, which was hanging on a wall nearby. I couldn’t wait to see Alisa in that dress!
When the dress was on and Alisa was ready, she presented herself to her mom. As you can see, Alisa’s mom had the biggest smile on her face when she got this first glimpse of the bride!
The couple’s first look took place at their home, where Loren was already suited up and ready to go. Alisa made her way up the stairs to the front door, where Loren opened the door to greet her.
Loren and Alisa’s pup was part of the celebration, too! As you can see, the puppy was happy to see Alisa in her wedding gown.
We began our portrait session in the alley behind their house. This white fence is a great backdrop– I need one in my yard!
Look at the smile on that pup! What a cutie.
So suave! So sophisticated! This pup was killin’ it.
We were taking a few pictures in front of a neighbor’s garage…
…when Loren was distracted by another neighbor. There’s always time to play a little ball!
After Loren cleaned up on the court, we walked back to the house. The duo finished up their drinks, and we headed out into the neighborhood to continue our portrait session.
Loren warmed up for the portrait session by throwing some hot new modeling poses my way.
We took our time walking around the Logan Square neighborhood, sharing some laughs and photographing with anything or anyone who looked interesting. These two were so laid back and comfortable… they made my job fun and easy!
We ended up meeting their friends for beer and pizza at Boiler Room. By hanging out with the couple and their friends in this setting for a bit, I could tell that the reception was going to be a blast!
Alisa showed much grace and skill while eating the pizza in a white dress. If it were me, I would have ended up the pizza all over!
There were laughs and good cheer all around. A pre-ceremony gathering like this was such a great idea.
Alisa and Loren finished their drinks…
…and we were off to the venue! Alisa and Loren’s ceremony and reception were held at City View Loft, and before we entered the venue, I had the two of them pose for another round of pictures outside.
Finally, the ceremony time had arrived. Alisa looked gorgeous, and had the most beautiful smile on her face. She was ready to get married!
It looked like all of the guests had arrived…
…so Loren kicked off the ceremony by escorting his mom down the aisle.
He stood in his place, took a deep breath, and a few minutes later, Alisa was making her way down the aisle, escorted by her father.
Once Alisa was in the front of the room, the ceremony began. It was presided over by a friend of the couple, and theirs was a meaningful and touching service.
With vows, rings and a kiss exchanged, Alisa and Loren were married! Congratulations!
They secluded themselves for a few moments after the ceremony to celebrate privately…
…and to fully grasp what had just happened. You’re really, truly married, Loren!
The two went outside for some air and a walk before joining guests for cocktails.
When dinner was finished, Alisa’s dad picked up the microphone and kicked off speeches by thanking everyone for spending the day with the family.
Friends and family took turns giving loving tributes in honor of the couple. It was very clear that Alisa and Loren have many people who love them dearly!
The newlyweds warmed up the dance floor with their first dance as a married couple.
Then everyone joined them and the party really got started! These guests were there to celebrate, and they did just that, as you’ll see in this series of images from Alisa and Loren’s dance party:
The party went well into the night and the guests were still going strong as I left for the evening. What a day! What a party! What a couple! Thanks for inviting me to the celebration, Alisa and Loren. Congratulations on your marriage!