I was asked to take photos of newborn twins Allison and Rebecca soon after they were born. This is them then…
…and here they are now! Quite a difference!
We were having a lot of fun playing in the grass.
I didn’t think they could get much cuter, but here’s proof otherwise!
They definitely have some serious faces too!
Not quite walking yet, so she had to use a tree to prop herself up.
She was more interested in the dress than taking photos.
You know how sisters can be…
It was her turn in front of the camera and she wasn’t about to share the spotlight. =)
I love this one.
Striking a pose!
Patrick realizes that Rebecca ended up with Allison’s hat.
We took to the air for a shot!
Sarah bought these dresses off of Etsy. What little girl doesn’t want to dress up as a ballerina?
It was so cute.
Allison and Rebecca, it was great seeing you and your family again! I can’t believe how much you’ve grown already… looking forward to seeing you both at your birthday party!