It was the perfect day to go to the beach, so Allison and Rebecca’s parents gave me a call and asked if we could meet up at the lakeshore for their family shoot.
The girls were ready to hit the beach, but were patient enough to pose for a few group shots before hitting the shoreline.
Ms. Allison showed off her modeling skills for me.
Ok, enough waiting…
…time for fun in the sand!
Ms. Rebecca’s favorite thing to do at the beach is play with her bucket and shovel…
…and use them to bury her dad in sand!
Whew! Burying dad is hard work, but when they team up, these two can finish any job.
The sand was getting hot, so the girls cooled off their feet in the water. Rebecca was having a blast jumping and splashing in the waves.
Thanks for a great afternoon at the beach, Allison and Rebecca! I hope you and your parents have a fun summer!