The big day had finally arrived for Amy & Andrew! This couple was celebrating their entire day at the W Chicago Lakeshore and it began with hair and makeup, expertly tended to by Rachel Reiman. I arrived at the bridal suite just as Rachel was wrapping up.
Amy climbed into her dress, and was assisted by her bridesmen in making sure it looked perfect.
Amy was glowing with excitement as everyone finished their preparations.
Meanwhile, I headed down to Andrew’s room, where he was making one last email check before heading out for the first meeting with Amy.
Amy’s attendants made themselves comfortable in the limousine as they traveled to the designated meeting spot.
The day was rainy, and Amy’s bridesmen did a great job making sure she was covered at all times as we walked into the Art Institute Garden.
Andrew was more than ready to see Amy, and after a few moments of admiring each other, we gathered everyone for photos.
The wedding party gathered under a canopy of umbrellas for a portrait.
Amy’s man of honor and his partner, both of whom were in the wedding party, had big smiles for the camera. I think there may be another wedding for this group of friends soon!
Unfortunately, the rain was just not letting up….
…so everyone climbed into the limo…
…and we decided to hang out at the W until the ceremony began.
Andrew got some love from his best man in between pictures.
Andrew was proud to have his son as one of his groomsmen, too.
One more picture of the bride…
…and then we hit the bar inside the hotel. Nothing like a nice drink and some time to relax before the ceremony.
We even had some time for a little fun shooting around the hotel’s interior.
Drinks in hand, we made our way back to the bridal suite.
So get this: The wedding party had a craving for popcorn. They made a call to the front desk, and a staff member went to a nearby movie theater to get a large bag for them. How’s that for service?!?!
I had Amy pose against the windows for a picture, then turned the camera around so she could see what it looked like.
I think she was happy with the result!
Amy and her bridesmen snuggled up on the bed for a picture…
…and Andrew and his groomsmen followed suit.
It was almost time for the ceremony! Everything was gathered, and the wedding party traveled to the banquet room.
Amy’s dad and mom were already there, and already beaming with pride for their daughter.
Amy’s mom was thrilled to see everyone!
The guests began to arrive and make their way into the ceremony area.
This handsome partygoer was all smiles as he posed for the camera.
Andrew’s dad enjoyed visiting with friends and family as they waited for the ceremony to begin.
The officiant studied his ceremony script….
…and soon after, the ceremony began.
The bridesmen stood at attention…
…and Amy and Andrew’s parents watched proudly from their table.
Andrew’s son was by his father’s side as he made his wedding vow to Amy.
Finally, after rings and vows were exchanged, they were pronounced husband and wife.
Amy’s dad met her with a hug immediately following the ceremony’s conclusion.
He couldn’t contain the happy tears for his daughter!
While Amy and Andrew greeted their guests, I took pictures of some of the details. Amy’s bouquet, designed by the team at Fleur featured green and orange- Amy and Andrew’s favorite colors, respectively.
The bride and groom invited guests to sign a leaf on this wedding day portrait, to remember all who attended.
Smaller vases and greenery lined the window sills…
…and a beautiful arrangement presided over the table of favors.
The guests settled in for a delicious meal as the sun set and the lights at Navy Pier turned on, making for beautiful scenery outside the banquet hall.
Amy’s dad kicked off the speeches by thanking the guests for sharing the day with the family.
Andrew’s son had written a special toast in honor of the newlyweds…
…and two of Amy’s bridesmen had the guests laughing with their tribute, which was pattered after the “Really? with Seth and Amy” skit from Saturday Night Live.
These partners in crime took turns delivering the gags.
Then Amy and Andrew met on the dance floor for their first dance as a married couple.
Amy’s father joined in for a parent’s dance…
…as did Andrew’s mother.
And then everyone hit the floor as Kate from Toast & Jam laid down the dance tracks. One guest thrilled partygoers with her patented chicken wing move.
These guests were in the mood to party…
…and they weren’t shy about showing off their best moves!
Jackets, ties and shoes got stored by seats as everyone relaxed and cut loose.
Andrew’s parents celebrated with a few twirls around the floor.
Love was all around!
As my time at the party wrapped up, I grabbed Amy and Andrew for one last picture.
This view from the W’s balcony was too good to pass up. What a beautiful city!
And what a beautiful night… truly a good evening!
Congratulations on your marriage, Amy and Andrew! I had a great time celebrating with you!