Watch out! Andrea and Katie are on the go!
I met up with these two cuties and their parents recently for a family shoot.
And they were ready for their time in front of the camera, too!
Big sis helped little sis with her shoe…
…and then they were ready to play!
They started by showing me the proper way to jump off a bench.
And then it was time for a little snack.
Then it was a short walk down the trail…
…to the playground! Andrea and Katie wasted no time climbing onto the equipment.
Playgrounds are the best!
I think the slides were a favorite, too.
Dad even got in on the action.
After some pretend time in the raft…
…the girls showed off their acrobatic skills.
And finally, the shoot was wrapped up with some pictures of mom and dad by themselves.
It was great to see you and your folks, Andrea and Katie! Enjoy the rest of your fall!