Andrea and Shawn are getting married in a just a few weeks! I’ll be their photographer for the big day, and as with all my couples, we got together for an engagement shoot. Our day started out by the Adler Planetarium with some beautiful shots along the lake before we moved further into the city.
Next up were the Millennium Park gardens, where the two got extra close and snuggly.
Just across the street was the Art Institute, so we took a few moments to play around in their courtyard.
It was an excellent opportunity to try out some trust exercises!
I love this perfectly-timed shot… the bus banner “Explore Your Chicago” seemed to be the theme for our shoot!
Fulton Market was up next as we visited some favorite murals– and Andrea donned her fabulous hat!
Finally, we ended up at this deserted lot, one of my favorite spots in the entire city.
What a day! Thanks for sharing it with me, Andrea and Shawn! I’ll see you in a few weeks for your wedding!