This is Angie. She and Tom had a big, fun day planned for themselves and their wedding guests. Traci Fine had just finished Angie’s makeup when I arrived, and the bride was attending to the final details of her look for the day.
Angie’s awesome shoes were waiting to be slipped on.
Tom’s sister got a bit choked up when she saw Angie in full bridal gear.
One final adjustment…
Angie’s sisters were getting ready, too, and Angie was more than happy to help them out.
Tom, meanwhile, was all dressed up and ready to go. Leah was with him when he received this gift from the bride.
Tom and Angie’s son Jack was with Tom as well. He tagged along with Leah and his dad to Independence Grove where Angie and Tom were going to have their first look at each other.
Jack and his dad checked out the old schoolhouse while they waited for mom to arrive.
And there she was! The beautiful bride and mother made her way to meet up with her guys.
Jack was the first one to spot her.
He got a hug from his momma…
…and then Tom stepped in to kiss his bride.
The big happy family was ready to enjoy their big happy day together.
We started our pre-ceremony shoot by taking some family pictures.
Then we had a special treat…
…a trip to PJ Moondoggies! The wedding party joined us for some fries and shakes.
And ooey-gooey melted cheese. My most favorite food group.
Angie and Tom are fans of melted cheese, too. They shared a cheese stick together, Lady and the Tramp-style.
Everyone successfully avoided getting ketchup on their wedding clothes, so we headed back to Independence Grove to take more pre-ceremony photos.
The park is gorgeous… there are so many beautiful spots to take pictures.
This trellis was one of my favorite spots. Someday, I would love to have one of these in my backyard.
Tom and Angie couldn’t keep their eyes off of each other as we walked around the park.
The wedding party joined up with us after a bit to take group photos.
It was a fun crowd, too. I love weddings that include martial arts demonstrations.
Tom and Angie brought in giant balloons for our last few photos.
Little Jack was a big fan of the balloons, too.
We ended the pre-ceremony shoot with some family pictures. Here, Angie spends a happy moment with her father.
Finally, it was time for the ceremony. The ceremony and reception were being held at Pinstripes in Northbrook. Guests were greeted by signs that directed them to the ceremony location.
Jack led the wedding party down the aisle.
Not so fast, Jack! Jack was so excited he kept running after reaching the altar. One of the groomsmen caught up with our happy friend.
One of Tom and Angie’s friends presided over the ceremony.
And I loved the paper-flowers that hung behind them.
The flower girls made themselves comfortable as the ceremony began.
Tom started out with his vows for Angie.
Angie’s mom looked beautiful. Here, she takes a moment to reflect on her daughter’s big day.
Angie listened with love in her eyes as Tom made his promise to her.
Tom’s sister was so happy for her brother and new sister. She could barely keep back the tears throughout the ceremony.
Angie then delivered her vows to Tom.
The ceremony location was beautiful. You would never know that it was in the middle of the suburbs. I think it even looks a lot like parts of California.
With the vows delivered and rings exchanged, Tom and Angie sealed the deal with a kiss.
Now it was time for the party! The guests enjoyed cocktail hour on the comfortable deck space adjacent to the ceremony location.
Others, like Tom’s nephew, seen here, went inside Pinstripes to enjoy a game of bocce ball.
Jack spent the cocktail hour playing with his friends in the grass outside.
When cocktail hour was done, the guests made their way into the pavilion for dinner. When everyone had found their seats, Tom and Angie made their big entrance.
The wedding party and their guests sat down to eat the amazing meal catered by Pinstripes and Leah and I set off to take photos of the details of the day.
Angie did a great job with all of the details, like these handmade signs.
The guests used these tags to locate their table assignments.
I loved the ribbons on the ceremony chairs. Each chair on the end of a row boasted a beautiful floral arrangement.
Lemonade was the perfect drink for the warm summer afternoon.
Everywhere I turned, I saw a new, adorable decoration to photograph.
Angie and Tom were excited to play some bocce! Here, Angie shows me the special bocce ball she picked out.
Angie and Tom have a good friend who works at Petals Farm and helped them with the florals for the wedding.
They used books as a stand for the flower jars.
Aren’t these flags cute?
And their cake topper was the best. Angie’s mom and her mom’s best friend did a great job making the cake.
The speeches were starting, so I finished up this ring shot and headed back to the reception.
Angie’s dad was the first one up to the mic, and he thanked everyone for spending the day with his family.
Big hugs all around.
Tom’s mom was all smiles while she addressed the guests.
Tom’s dad was on hand, too, with some loving words for the big day.
Tom’s best man was up next with his toast to the newlyweds.
And last but not least was Angie’s sister, who had a special presentation for the couple.
Baby Jack played a major part in the slideshow, which was all about Tom and Angie’s life together.
Cake time! Angie and Tom check out the delicious creation before slicing into it.
With cake served, Angie and Tom shared their first dance together as husband and wife.
And they had some great moves to show off!
Then there was the father/daughter dance.
And Tom shared the dance floor with his mother. Goofy expression and all!
Everybody on the floor!
Grab a partner!
I taught her that step. It’s a patented Jeremy Lawson move.
The party was a rip-roaring success! The dancing was fun, but there was more to do inside.
Angie strapped on her special bowling shoes, which her friends had made for her. They were extra-glittery!
Tom and Angie were ready to hit the lanes. I said my good-byes as they began their first frame.
Thanks for sharing your day with me, Angie and Tom. I had so much fun. Here’s to your family and all the fun times you have ahead!