Jarrod and I traveled to Key West with some friends for the wedding of our good friend April. Who could resist a trip to Key West in December?
April had wanted me to concentrate on being a guest at the wedding, but I can’t go to a wedding without taking photos! It just doesn’t feel natural!
The church they married at was surrounded by a wonderful garden. She had hired a local photographer to capture her day so I got to stand back and have some fun being a fly on the wall. It was nice!
Coconuts were all over the church grounds.
Here’s April, checking out her bouquet.
She spotted me taking photos behind the tree…
So I asked her if I could steal her away for a few seconds!
It was definitely a joy to take a break from the family portrait session!
But I did hide behind another tree to document it!
Her father was all smiles.
April and her mother.
Gotta stay hydrated!
I love this shot. It’s the decorative cross that was on the roof of the church.
Everyone lined up at the front door of the church right before the wedding began.
Kevin’s family joined April’s…
Her dad and mom embraced before the big aisle walk!
Time to get married!
Kevin made his way to the alter.
He began to tear up when he took his first look at April.
Here comes the bride, shooting me a quick smile before joining Kevin.
Kevin and April asked some of their friends and family to participate by doing readings.
Kevin couldn’t keep himself from going in for a quick kiss.
I know. I know. I am supposed to be a guest. Sorry, Kevin. =)
Kevin’s brother, seated in the first pew, served as his best man. Kevin’s mother and father were seated right behind him.
April’s dad helps Kevin’s mom to her seat after helping with communion.
The priest prepares for their first communion as a couple.
April’s brother.
April is now a Mrs.!
Husband and wife make their way out of the church, greeting some of their guests as they exit.
Jarrod gives April a big hug after the ceremony as Adam, April’s brother, cheers them on.
These tassels were handed out to celebrate with the couple after the ceremony.
Kevin and April share a kiss…
…and then we head back to our resort. I couldn’t believe this is where we were staying!
April and Kevin kicked off their shoes before going inside their condo to relax before the reception.
Adam checked out the view of the beach from the porch of the condo.
Jarrod and I, along with our friends Sara and Pat, who we made the trip with, took advantage of the down time to take photos on the beach.

Sara and Jarrod perform a fake proposal for all to see.

Ah, true love.
Jarrod takes a peek…
and Sara still considers him her best buddy!
Check out this foxy lady…
And here’s Pat! We got a few shots before heading on to the reception.
April and Kevin joined us all in the restaurant at the resort for the reception.
April’s dad’s toast was very special.
An accomplished guitarist, he played a song for the newlyweds.
April congratulated her dad on a beautiful performance.
Adam, who served as April’s attendant, gave a wonderfully funny toast to the couple.
Kevin’s brother delivered a speech in honor of his brother and sister-in-law as well. They were all gifted speakers!
Kevin’s mom laughed at the good memories brought up in the speech.
April was overcome with gratitude as she thanked all her guests for coming.
They are so in love with each other.
And then it was cake time!
I love the details on the cake knife.
Kevin was ready for some of that cake!
Now that’s what I call a piece of cake! I’ll have one that size, too, please!
April was in newly-wedded, sugar-coated bliss.
With dinner cleared and cake served, it was time to cut loose.
Guests enjoyed the open bar that stayed open well into the evening.
Shake that thang, April!
The whole family was getting into the act.
Kevin showed them all a move or two.
It was a lot of fun seeing our good friend get married. It was a memorable day… and a memorable trip!
Lots of love to Kevin, April and their families. We’re so happy for you both!