My day with April and Noor began in April’s bridal suite as she made preparations. The two were married in a traditional Hindu ceremony and there were going to be so many beautiful moments and details for me to capture. The first such moment was of April as she prepared for the day. Surrounded by her family and friends, there were many hands available to help the bride into her dress. When everything was perfect, April and her bridal party headed out to the Chicago river; our designated meeting spot for the couple’s first look.
While April was putting on her dress, Noor was climbing into his tuxedo. Luckily, as he got ready, Noor received some help from his groomsmen, too! The groom was excited and ready to see his bride! The group wasted no time as they piled into a taxi and made their way down to the river.
We had some time before Noor arrived, so I took advantage of the opportunity to take some solo portraits of April.
We even had a winged photobomber!
April and Noor lit up when they saw each other, smiling from ear to ear. Also smiling were the passengers on the water taxi, who were cheering the couple! After the two had a few minutes to admire each other, we began our pre-ceremony portrait session by walking along the river.
We walked up the stairs from the riverwalk and onto the LaSalle street bridge. It was a perfect day to shoot at this scenic spot– there wasn’t a cloud in the sky! I made sure to get lots of pictures of the couple and their bridal party in this location.
Next stop was Lincoln Park. There are so many wonderful backdrops for pictures here, but there was one stop that was more important than all the others…
…the carousel! There were laughs all around as every member of the wedding party chose their favorite animal and the wheel began to turn.
Not far away was the park’s lattice sculpture; a Chicago staple, for sure. Not only is it unique in its visual design, but it can also function as a makeshift nap spot for tired groomsmen!
April and Noor had their ceremony and reception at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum. Theirs was a traditional Hindu ceremony, and before the proceedings began, Noor changed into a regal-looking Sherwani. Soon after, he was walking down the aisle, escorted by his parents.
April, escorted by her father, joined Noor and the rest of their family. The group observed many meaningful, special traditions during the ceremony. It was a beautiful location for a gorgeous service, as you’ll see for yourself in this collection of images from April and Noor’s wedding ceremony:
When the ceremony was concluded, April and Noor were officially married! They were beaming as they walked down the aisle, met with cheers and applause from their guests.
And while those guests enjoyed cocktail hour, the newlyweds took a few minutes to change clothes, and then we headed out for a round of pictures in the park at sunset. I was so glad we did, too. The lighting was perfect and I’m very happy with how these portraits tuned out!
After guests found their seats for dinner, the newlyweds made their grand entrance into the reception. Then a delicious meal was served as the official start the party!
As guests finished eating, the speeches began. Noor took the microphone first, thanking everyone for sharing in the special day with him and April.
The bride’s father was up next, expressing his happiness for the couple.
Noor’s parents had touching words of support during their speech, too.
When speeches were completed, it was time for dancing! First up were parent dances, as April danced with her father and Noor with his mother.
The couple couldn’t have looked more gorgeous and in love as they shared their first dance.
And then everyone hit the floor! These guests were ready to celebrate, too, as you’ll see in some of my favorite images from the dance party!:
Congratulations, April and Noor! This was an unforgettable evening– thank you for sharing it with me!