I was at the Bridgeport Art Center a few weeks ago to photograph Ariela and Aviel’s wedding. I had an absolute blast with this fun and creative couple at their engagement session and was so excited to see what they had in store for their wedding day!
Things were off to a great start, with Ariela having some fun before having her makeup done. The energy was high and I could tell it was going to be a fantastic day!
Awww… Ariela took a moment to show a little love to her new niece or nephew. Ariela’s sister will be welcoming a new addition to the family very soon!
Her hair and makeup complete, Ariela had just a few finishing touches to make before sharing the first look with Aviel. She put on her earrings, slipped into her shoes, and took one last glance in the mirror before heading out.
What a gorgeous bride!
Aviel was in the designated meeting spot, ready for the first look. Ariela quickly made her way downstairs to meet him…
…and they were overjoyed to see each other! There were so many laughs and happy tears as they realized that their wedding day was actually here and happening!
And then we were off to take pre-ceremony photos! Ever the gentleman, Aviel swept his bride off her feet and escorted her to the car.
You can’t be in Bridgeport without taking some portraits on a bridge, right!?!? Our first stop was such a bridge located near the venue.
There were a lot of interesting and colorful stops to make in the neighborhood!
And these two weren’t shy about bringing out some accessories to add to the photos.
We were joined by some of the couple’s friends for a round of portraits. Ariela and Aviel didn’t have a formal set of attendants, so this was a perfect way to include their loved ones!
One last shuffle…
…and then it was time to get married!
The couple was met with big hugs from Ariela’s brother and brother-in-law upon arriving back at the Bridgeport Art Center.
Ariela’s niece had a quick smooch for her aunt, too.
Ariela and Aviel held a traditional Jewish ceremony that began with the Bedeken & Tish. Here, Ariela settles in as the veiling ceremony begins. Both she and Aviel were surrounded by their family, all of whom were ready to begin the celebration!
It was a big day for Ariela’s father, too, as he was overjoyed for his daughter.
Her brother was pretty excited as well!
Soon after the Tish & Bedeken, Ariela was walking down the aisle with her parents. There were so many smiles and happy tears as guests watched the entrance. Once Ariela made her way to the front, she joined Aviel’s side and the ceremony began. Enjoy this collection of my favorite images from Ariela & Aviel’s wedding ceremony!
With the traditional breaking of the glass, Ariela and Aviel symbolized the start of their married life. Mazel Tov!
The couple began their marriage with a kiss and then the guests swooped in to begin celebrating.
The newlyweds made their way through the singing and cheering crowd, heading toward the Yichud Room, where they would spend a few moments alone together.
Ariela & Aviel closed the door and I headed out to spend time with the guests.
The reception was kicked off with one of my favorite traditions: the Hora! The bride and groom exchanged a kiss before being lifted up by their friends.
Everyone was having a fantastic time! You can share in some of the fun, too, by checking out this collection of images from the dance floor:
Ariela’s family had a special surprise planned for her!
The bride loves roller skating and decided to throw a skating party in her honor. They had crazy costumes and everything!
Once everyone had their fill of skate time, guests grabbed their seats and settled in for speeches from the couple’s parents.
And, of course, there was cake! The bride and groom each got a mouthful of this confectionary masterpiece before sharing it with guests.
And then everyone was back out on the dance floor! Here, Ariela and Aviel take a candid portrait with their parents before going back to the dance floor.
What a couple! What a night! Your wedding celebration was amazing, Ariela and Aviel. Thank-you for sharing it with me!