Ariela and Aviel are a fun and creative couple who were married a few weeks ago. Shortly before their wedding, we got together for an engagement session, and I had a blast working with them. I’m very happy with how the images turned out, and I think you’ll like them, too!

The afternoon began with the couple getting behind the wheel of this sweet ride. We were going to be traveling in style!

First stop was the Bunny Hutch, a good place to go when you’re looking for a fun time!
Aviel showed off his basketball skills…
…and then the couple cozied up in the photobooth.
Then we found a shopping cart just hanging around. Why not put it to good use?!
Ta-da! Ariela made a grand exit out of the Bunny Hutch.
We hopped back in the car and made our way over to the lakeshore at Evanston.
I love this picture of Ariela posing in her gown.
Aviel gave Ariela a ride through the woods…
…and we eventually ended up at the beach. And when you’re at the beach, it just makes sense…
…to go for a swim!
It was an afternoon to remember, for sure! Check back soon to see the pictures from Ariela and Aviel’s wedding!