Ariel’s Bat Mitzvah was just a few days away…
… and her family asked me to take some photos to document the rehearsal. I found Ariel at her locker getting ready.
We took some photos on our way down to the auditorium.
Ariel took some time to prepare herself.
She practiced reading from the Torah.
Her brothers were paying attention while Ariel practiced. Kind of.
Ariel’s little brother pretended to be shy for a moment.
Here’s Ariel’s dad.
All three of her brothers.
Ariel was doing a great job.
Her parents smiled as she finished reading the Torah.
Then the whole family joined her.
They all participated in the ceremony.
Her parents tucked the Torah away.
Joey wrapped it all up with a little musical number.
It was great meeting you and your wonderful family, Ariel! There’s more fun to come- I also shot her party a few days later! Those pictures will be up soon!