This wedding was amazing in SO many ways….

Leah and Ashley asked me to photograph their wedding in Grayton Beach, Florida. It was BEAUTIFUL! I really felt like I was part of the gang. Me and Dawn decided to stay for a few days afterwards and I can’t wait to get back. The beaches were unreal and the town was so unique.

Thanks again for a great time!

I found a great tattoo to start off the day!

Not so much. This was happening all day. Dawn and I tried checking out the site the day before and we ended up in this position too!!
The day was AMAZING! Their friends were hanging out on the beach when we arrived.
And some in the pool. The pool overlooked the ocean. They rented a beautiful three story house on the beach. CRAZY.
Leah getting ready…
I loved the sandals that Leah decided to wear…
Ashley trying to get ready! Ha.
Her mother was watching from the other room.
And then she was off to meet Ashley.
The ocean!! AHHH!
And Ashley was grinning from ear to ear…
The locations that we decided to visit were great!
I could not get over this place!!!
I noticed this spot when we arrived the day before. I really wanted to shoot here!
We snuck in this place to get a quick shot.
LOVED this place!
And then we grabbed everyone for some family pictures…
And Ashley’s parents were ready to go!
And so was everyone else!
I think this is an appropriate starter shot for the ceremony!
The ceremony was a blast to photograph! They decided to do everything at Bentley’s on the Bay
I love tears…
More tears…
and more…
And then the party starts…
Alyssa! I photographed her wedding with Adam back in Chicago last year.
I only post this because I love. LOL I know that Leah’s mom is cool and will frame this. I am thinking 8×10??
He was going for the camera…
Some great light all day!
And the dinner was great!!!!
Some speeches…
The impromptu cake cutting…
The cake was THAT good.
Leah and her father.
Ashley and her father.
And the dancing goes outdoors!
And the private dances stay inside…
And then the private dance goes outside!
And they kept partying…..all night! gave Leah and Ashley white ribbons for all to wear to show support of everything above…..a cool day with cool people in warm weather!!
Thanks so much for taking me with you and letting me be there on the ‘funnest’ day of your life!