Ashley has become a mainstay on my blog! We have became friends throughout the picture taking process and I love working with her. We have worked together now for almost 3 years! I photographed their wedding back in June and TA-DA, she is pregnant. Her and Brian are expecting their first child this spring.

Yes, its positive!

And they are super excited to welcome their first child into their world…
I guess I will not be the first to take a photo of their baby!
I love his cheesy grin!
Ashley already made a sweater for the new arrival…
So we tried it on for size!
We shot the entire session at their place here in Chicago… I loved the natural light they had coming in the bedroom!
We had to pull out the polaroid. Ashley and I are huge fans of the cool camera!
A few touches by Brian…
That guy on the left was at the wedding too!
And then we just played around! Love the Dubble Bubble shirt that her mother bought her.
I love this one…
And these!
And finally, a message to the new one.
Can’t wait to meet the baby!!!