Aynsley and Brian are walking down the aisle next June, and I’ll be there to photograph it. I ran to catch up with them a few weeks ago and shoot their engagement session.
Yes! I love it when couples agree to having an engagement photo taken with the rat!
Brian was so animated in his poses, which made photographing this couple a real hoot.
We were feeling sneaky, so we broke our way into the rail yard.
This is one of my new favorite spots. I’m not sure what this structure is, or what it was used for, but I love photographing it.
What a gentleman! Brian gave Aynsley a lift to our next location.
At the bird wall, Brian put on a show for us.
And then the luchadore inspired Aynsley to demonstrate some of her patented, match-ending headlocks.
I remember that day was super windy, and we made it work to our advantage for this shot.
Aynsley shows off her bling.
A quick skyline shot…
…and then off to the west side.
Aynsley and Brian, I had a ton of fun shooting your engagement photos, and I can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeves for your wedding next June. Congratulations on your engagement!