All it takes is one look at the shoes and you know this wedding is going to be a blast. Yes, she wore leopard print heels. LOVE IT. Becky was so much fun to work with throughout the entire process. She was beyond excited about the photos and that makes my job a piece of cake!
I had to post another shot of these shoes!
And more animal prints! Her and her sister got ready, side by side.
And then we were off to meet Rich…
He was just making sure we were going to be there on time. You know how brides are! =)
They met at The California Clipper so it was a perfect place to get the day started!
A quick shot in the FREEZING cold before we jumped in the limo for some heat…
It was a foggy morning but we grabbed a quick shot at the Planetarium and headed downtown for some more photos!
Rich picked her up and we headed for Michigan Avenue!
But, not before he cleaned up his bride a bit…
So, they are SUPER small in this shot but I love it. Can you even spot them? Probably not. =)
I met them on the bridge for another shot…
And look, they named a trolley after the bride!
They were definitely braving the weather. It was SO cold but we didn’t stop. I loved it!
I had to take this shot to get the top of the Board Of Trade. The fog was not quitting!
They actually took their coats off for this one!
And then it was time for a well-deserved coffee break!
And a foot wash. Yes, she let me photograph the foot wash. Amazing.
And then, with clean feet, we arrived at Club Lucky. What a cool place to have a ceremony/reception!
And the ceremony begins!
They did it!
Some post ceremony lovin’.
And the bride does a quick change before we snap a few family portraits…
This is what I call a family picture!
Becky and Rich take a photo with the awesome, Toni Hassett. Toni was their officiant and she always does an awesome job!
Becky’s sister and her husband give me a quick pose!
And then we took a few quick shots with the wedding party…
I love the diner feel of Club Lucky. A jukebox at a wedding. Yes!
And then it was time for the amazing family style lunch! SO good.
Becky’s father and nephew. I love this one!
They let their guests make speeches throughout lunch…
Becky puts on her dancing shoes!
She did the Twist with her mother and father. It was so cute!
She thought it was cute too!
And then Rich asked his mother to dance with him…
A quick break from dancing led to some serious cigar smoking… Ok, ‘fake’ cigar smoking. =)
Um, I may frame this. =)
I agree. So gross.
And then it was ON!
Becky and her niece…
Uh oh!
Ok, I will leave. Dang!
Thanks for the awesome daytime wedding. Very cool!