I photographed Brad and Maeve’s engagement session just a few weeks prior to their wedding. I had a great time working with them both during the engagement shoot and was excited to be working with them again. Nobody was more excited than Maeve, though, who was dressed and ready to go when I arrived at Salvage One.
Maeve’s mom arrived right after I did with a big hug for her daughter.
Brad was there, too, but they were both determined to not see each other before the official “first look”. So they talked to each other through this screen that separated them.
With everyone present and accounted for, Brad stepped outside and into position for his first look at his bride.
Maeve entered the Salvage One courtyard right behind him. Brad had a huge smile on his face as he turned to greet her.
And then we were off for some pre-ceremony photos.
The pinball machine inside the venue is hard to pass by without taking a photo… but we didn’t have too much time to play.
The rickshaw had arrived, ready to transport Brad and Maeve to a special shooting location.
Don’t worry… I wasn’t running alongside the rickshaw. Leah was driving my car beside the carriage while I stuck my camera out the window and played paparazzi.
The rickshaw pulled up in front of the Goose Island Production Brewery where friends of Brad and Maeve’s were waiting to congratulate and greet them.
Brad and Maeve, both beer aficionados, kicked off our brewery photoshoot by enjoying a few swigs of their favorite brews.
They’re both true experts on all things beer… Maeve and Brad, along with a friend, host and produce a podcast that’s dedicated to craft beer.
It was a real treat being able to photograph Brad and Maeve in the brewery. I couldn’t think of a better way to feature one of their shared passions in the photography.
The wedding couple finished up their drinks…
…and we headed outside for more pictures.
We traveled the west side of the city in my car- the rickshaw had moved on to other riders- checking out some of my favorite spots.
Maeve looked gorgeous- Gia Tummillo styled the bride’s hair, and Beth Follert worked on make-up.
We moved further into the city, stopping by the river for a few skyline shots.
Next up were a series of photographs on the LaSalle bridge.
A quick look at the time revealed that it was time to head back to Salvage One for family portraits.
Maeve’s brother was already in position, cheesing it up for the family photos.
Finally, it was time for the ceremony. The guests all made their way inside and found their seats, taking one of these programs that Brad designed himself.
Brad and Maeve walked the aisle together…
…while good friend and hop-cast co-host Ken (while backed up by Chicago’s own Four Star Brass Band) serenaded them.
The guests loved it…
Especially Maeve’s mother, who was seated front and center!
Brad and Maeve arrived in front of the officiant, turned to face each other, and the ceremony began.
A friend of Brad and Maeve’s served as officiant. Here he is, presenting the rings before they were exchanged.
The bride and groom exchanged their rings and vows…
…and then they were married!
The guests made their way downstairs for cocktails, accompanied by Four Star Brass Band, who entertained during drinks.
Brad and Maeve spend a few moments alone…
…and I set out to take photos of the details.
The dinner tables were all set up and ready to serve the delicious meal Food for Thought had prepared.
And of course, there was an exceptional variety of craft beer available for guests to enjoy.
Brad did a great job designing these magnets and transit cards. Check out more of his work here.
Maeve’s bouquet was lovely; another job well done by the floral designers at Asrai Garden.
Guests were encouraged to write their well-wishes to the newlyweds on this signature board.
The party was off to a great start. Amy Stockbridge, one of Salvage One’s day-of planners, helped in making sure everything went off without a hitch.
Maeve’s mom and sister were having a great time, too!
When it was time for dinner, the band led guests upstairs.
After everyone found their seats, the newlyweds made their big entrance.
Brad’s grandpa was first up at the microphone to give his toast in honor of Brad and Maeve.
He gave a wonderful speech.
Then they took the floor to share their first dance.
Guests danced, drank, visited…
…and enjoyed cupcakes, freshly baked by Luscious Layers.
Brad and Maeve went all out, setting up their own homemade photobooth and props for guests to use.
My favorite prop of the evening.
Brad and Ken grabbed a beer and joined up for a picture.
There was a lot of love in the room!
Check out this little guy’s balancing skills!
Brad’s dad had a big hug for his son.
What a party!
I was beat, but the bride and groom were still going strong. I interrupted their dancing for a quick second to say good-bye before heading out.
Congratulations on your marriage, Brad and Maeve! I had a great time spending your wedding day with you!