Brad and Maeve, who were married on October 6th, took a minute away from their wedding preparations to travel the city with me for their engagement session. They brought along one of their wedding favors…
…so they could open their beer that day! Maeve and Brad are beer aficionados… so much so that Brad produces a podcast, or make that Hop-Cast, dedicated to the subject.
And the session began with Brad and Maeve taking a minute to relax and enjoy a beer while lounging in the sun.
But soon after, we were off and running.
Their wedding was only a few days away (check back with the blog for photos!), but they were both super-relaxed. It made me excited for their big day, knowing that they had it all under control.
They enjoyed the next round of beers while we were waiting for the train to come by. Maeve was the first one to spot it.
The beer they were enjoying that day, Flywheel, was the same one that they served at their wedding for the guests.
Maeve grabbed the case and we headed down the road.
We were having a great time, but there was one more spot left to visit.
So we made our way back to the car…
…and travelled to Goose Island Brewery. Ken, Brad’s co-host for the Hop-Cast, works at Goose Island and was able to let us take some pictures there.
Safety first!
This is how every engagement session should end.
Congratulations, Brad and Maeve! I had a great time at your engagement session, and we’re hard at work on your wedding photos. I can’t wait to share them with you!