Amber and John were in Evanston, ready to get married. Braxton was there with them, too, beginning the day with Amber as she got ready.
Amber had some help getting ready. I can’t believe that I don’t see more brides employing this method to put on their shoes.
Doesn’t Amber’s son look so dapper in his suit? He spent the time waiting for mom to get ready playing on his iPad.
The bride was almost ready…
…and the groom was in place, waiting to get his first look.
He even had his fancy socks and shoes on!
Amber’s face lit up when she saw John.
After a few moments spent greeting each other, they were making their way to the ceremony, which was held in the Shakespeare Garden on the Northwestern campus.
A friend of the couple’s presided over the wedding.
Amber and John exchanged rings and vows…
…and then performed a balloon release ceremony.
This ceremony celebrated the lives of loved ones who have passed away and were unable to share John and Amber’s day.
Congratulations! You’re married!
They had this sweet classic car to escort them to the reception…
…it was a good thing they had a ride, too, because it started to pour rain!
Their spirits weren’t dampened, though.
A little smoochin’ in the backseat was definitely called for.
The rain subsided, and the group headed over to the lakefront for a round of pictures. I love how the wind caught Amber’s dress in this photo.
The sky post-storm actually made for great lighting for beach pictures.
Beautiful work!
The reception was held at Quince, the restaurant inside Homestead Inn here in Evanston.
The food there is amazing!
After dinner, the wedding guests headed out to bar hop in Evanston. The first stop was irish pub The Celtic Knot.
This crew looks like there were a lot of fun!
There were lots of hugs and love to be shared.
Making squishy faces on the front window was too tempting to pass up.
Sharing a few pints is a great way to celebrate a marriage.
After a few rounds, Braxton led everyone outside to take a couple of pictures around town.
This was one wedding party that wasn’t afraid to pose for the camera.
Congratulations on your marriage, John and Amber!
And great work, Braxton!