It was Amy and Steve’s wedding day, and Braxton was alongside them for the celebration. Things kicked off with Amy, as she was having her hair and makeup done.
She was surrounded by her family and bridesmaids, all of whom looked stunning in their curlers.
This bridesmaid wasn’t shy about giving the camera straight-up, runway model realness.
Every was more than excited to begin her wedding day. This smile was on her face the whole time- even while putting on her socks!
Meanwhile, the guys were at a nearby bar, enjoying a round of drinks.
Here’s groom Steve, enjoying his pre-wedding brew with his groomsmen.
There was one little item of business to take care of before meeting up with Amy. This groomsman’s shirt was a little too tight, so they stopped by a nearby department store to pick up a new one.
Very handsome!
Amy was almost ready, too. Just a few last details to tend to…
…and then she was ready to get married!
She even had special, sparkly gloves in case her hands got cold!
The couple shared their first look at the Museum of Contemporary Art. Steve had a huge grin on his face as he watched Amy descend the staircase.
Then they joined up with the rest of the wedding party for a photo shoot through downtown Chicago.
The next stop was the LaSalle Street Bridge, one of my favorite spots for taking wedding portraits.
Then the crew moved over to the gardens at the Art Institute. Everyone give big cheers for Amy and Steve!
I love the fall colors in the picture; displayed on both the trees and in Amy’s bouquet.
We get a good look at the bottom of Amy’s special wedding shoes in this picture. Very cute!
The pre-ceremony photo shoot was a complete success! Now the time for the ceremony had finally arrived.
Minutes later, Amy was making her way down the aisle.
They each took a turn delivering vows…
…and then they exchanged rings.
Amy and Steve couldn’t have been happier as they shared their first dance together at the reception.
And the big smiles stayed on their faces as they paired off for dances with their guests.
And then the newlyweds showed off their best dance moves as the floor opened up for everyone to join in.
And these guests were ready to party!
While the dance party raged on, Braxton, Steve and Amy popped outside to take some night shots.
Beautiful work, Braxton!
And congratulations on your marriage, Amy and Steve! It was a perfect day!