I couldn’t be more proud of the work Braxton’s done lately, and his latest wedding is no exception. He tagged along with Brandon and Sarah on their recent wedding day in Indianapolis, and the following is a collection of some of my favorites.

We start with our bride, Sarah, as her bridal look is reaching completion.

Look at these big smiles! Lots of happiness and energy!
Even without the dress, this bride was stunning.
Alice was with the Brandon and his guys during their preparations. What’s guy time without a guitar solo?
Sarah and her bridesmaids, heading to the church.
Sarah receives some help fastening her gown.
Sarah’s veil is removed at the altar, where Brandon was waiting.
The bride was given away…
…and took her place next to her husband.
Their vows and rings were exchanged…
…and then it was official! Congratulations!
Time to peace out and take photos around town.
Yay for the newlyweds!
Sarah shows off her wedding gown. What a beauty!
Finally! A plant that grows beer!
Rockin’ out with a lobster.
This is an awesome place for a bridal party photo.
This might just be the greatest groomsman photo ever.
A duckface contest breaks out…
The cocktail hour was in full swing when the wedding party returned from taking pictures.
It was time to head inside!
A beautiful staircase for making a grand entrance.
Their first dance.
And a dip for the big finish.
Sarah and Brandon were indescribably happy to be sharing the day with those they love most.
Sarah’s father thanks the guests for sharing the day with the family.
Toasts and tributes were given by those closest to the newlyweds.
Sarah receives a big hug from her father after their shared dance.
And then everyone hit the floor for the dance party.
This guest was feeling the music for sure!
Who wants some?!?! It looks like one guest was ready for a dance-off!
That’s an impressive move… especially considering the full glass in her hand! Not a drop spilled!
The party-goers raged on…
…stopping only to see Sarah and Brandon off.
And they had a great ride for making their exit.
Congratulations, Sarah and Brandon! What an amazing day!
And amazing job, Braxton! Keep up the good work!