Brian and Mari were getting married… and they took Braxton along for the ride! Mari was playing chauffeur while the trio cruised Chicago and took photos before the ceremony.
Braxton knew a great spot to check out, but it required some effort to get to.
Good think Mari wore her climbing shoes!
Check ’em out!
They were having a great time, but someone was missing…
….their dog Franklin!
Franklin was all dressed up and ready for the wedding. Look at his bow tie!
Brian, Mari and Franklin made their way to Asrai Garden where they were holding their ceremony.
The ceremony was intimate, with close friends and family .
Franklin was there, too.
Asrai Garden is a gorgeous flower shop… and a wonderful place to get married!
Brian and Mari share a hug after the rings and vows were exchanged. Congratulations!
They had plenty of memorable details on their wedding day.
Asrai Garden made a perfect backdrop for most of them!
Asrai Garden has some very cool taxidermy hanging on it’s walls…
…and guarding the shop.
And don’t forget about the flowers.
And then it was time for the reception at Bangers and Lace.
Bangers & Lace is known for their extensive beer list, from which guests could take their pick.
The newlyweds welcomed their guests as they entered the restaurant.
The DJ played the hits that kept the guests dancing, too.
Everybody was having a great time.
Can you spot all the fierce poses in this picture?
Mari and Brian do some dirty dancing.
The guests enjoyed beer and music well into the night.
Thanks for having Braxton document your big day, Mari and Brian, and congratulations on your marriage!