I want to introduce you to Braxton Black! Braxton has been working with me for years and he is now an associate photographer under Jeremy Lawson Photography. I am really excited about this and had to share some of his recent work.

He did an amazing job shooting Brittany and Nick’s wedding day, and I wanted to show off some of his photographs on the blog.

Didn’t Brittany look great? Her makeup was done by Nika Vaughan.
She looked at cards which held warm wishes from family and friends before heading out to meet up with Nick.
Nick was getting ready at the same time with his groomsmen, one of whom is pictured below.
This bridal party was stylin’. Check out the shoe and sock combination:
And their custom t-shirts from the bachelor party.
Here’s Nick, positioned and eagerly anticipating his first meeting with Brittany.
Brittany and Nick spent a few minutes with each other…
…and then joined everyone else on the trolley where the party was already underway.
Two of the groomsmen couldn’t help but showcase their love as the wedding party lined up for group shots at the Museum of Contemporary Art.
The ring bearer was making sure everyone stayed in line.
And this group needed it, too!
They were a rowdy bunch!
Braxton did a great job taking the group photos around downtown.
Nick wasn’t feeling the love… he wanted a hand getting down, too!
Next stop was Guthrie’s Tavern where Brittany and Nick like to hang out with their friends.
The gang grabbed a drink and spent some quality time together…
…and then back on the trolley! Architectural Artifacts was waiting for them!
The trolley pulled up in front as the guests were just starting to arrive.
While the bride, groom and wedding party tended to some last-minute prep, Braxton took some pictures of the details.
Heather from Greatest Expectations did a great job helping the couple plan the details from the day.
Finally the big moment had arrived. Guests grabbed a program and found their seats.
And then Brittany was escorted to the altar by her father.
Architectural Artifacts is such a fun place to photograph a wedding. Braxton did an amazing job of making sure each angle was covered with the help of his assistant photographer, Leah Moyers.
After the vows were said and the rings exchanged, Brittany and Nick shared a kiss. Congratulations!
Then it was time for the party!
The two little ones couldn’t help but play in the classic car that was on display.
After cocktail hour and dinner, it was time for drinking and dancing.
Ryan from Style Matters served as the DJ for the party.
A great time was had by all! Congratulations on your marriage, Brittany and Nick!
And great work, Braxton! Keep an eye out for more photos from Braxton in the weeks to come!