Christine and Tyler were married earlier this summer, and Braxton was with them to photograph the events of the day. I’m happy to share the following set of photos he took- I think they’re wonderful!

We begin with a gorgeous shot of Christine’s dress.

The bride looked beautiful and was ready to go.
She slipped into her shoes, with a little help from her friends.
The bride and her bridesmaids load up the trolley and head to the church.
Groom Tyler accepts the rings from a ring bearer who performed his duties perfectly.
Christine makes her way down the aisle and to the altar.
The couple lit a unity candle as part of their ceremony.
The priest blessed the rings.
Look at the big smile Christine has on her face as Tyler puts the ring on her finger.
And then they were married! Congratulations!
No need to be shy!
The exited the church, greeted by their guests with a balloon launch.
What a beautiful sight!
The day wasn’t complete without a visit to their pups! And these pups look smashing in their wedding gear.
Look at the big smile on that pup’s face! Someone’s happy for their humans.
What handsome gentlemen.
A few more pictures of the newlyweds…
…and then it was time to head into the city for the reception.
The afternoon was a little drizzly, but it didn’t damper the spirits of the wedding party!
Christine and Tyler kept an eye on these suspicious-looking characters.
Yeah! The ring bearer was full of excitement during group portraits.
The guests all congregated for dinner, which was finished with toasts from family and friends.
It looks like there was a lot of love and emotion in the toasts.
The bridesmaids teamed up for a joint toast…
…and the best man’s speech had the guests smiling.
Christine and Tyler shared a big kiss during their first dance together as husband and wife.
Christine twirled around the dance floor during the parent dance.
Tyler and his mother shared a wonderful moment during their shared dance, too.
And then everyone hit the floor to start the dance party. This ring bearer knows how to get things started!
What a party! It looks like it was a complete success!
Everyone brought their best moves to the dance floor…
…and to the group pictures!
Christine looks like she’s having the time of her life.
The party was in full swing, so Braxton led the newlyweds outside for one last round of pictures. I love this photo, with Christine showing the full glory of her dress!
Congratulations, Tyler and Christine! We wish you much joy and happiness as you begin your married life!
And great job, Braxton! Keep up the good work!