Erin and Kevin, who will be getting married this September, met up Braxton recently for their engagement session.
They’ll be getting married this September and Braxton will be there to photograph it.
The session began on a sunny note with photos at this sunny mosaic.
Next up was a trip down the road…
…and into the park.
Braxton was getting lots of great pictures of Erin and Kevin, but something was missing…
…the rest of their family! Look at these two pups- they know how to work for those treats!
After a few portraits with the pups, Kevin had an idea.
He pumped some air into the tires of their two-person bicycle and prepped it for a spin around the block.
Congratulations on your engagement, Kevin and Erin! I’m sure your wedding will be even more fun than riding a two-seated bicycle. I can’t wait to see the pictures!