There will be no frowning today. Oh no… not today, Amanda…
…because it’s your wedding day and it’s time to celebrate! And dancing, pajama-ed bridesmaids are the best way to kick off the day.
Braxton’s day with Amanda and Glenn was off to a great start. But the party was just getting started as he traveled with the bride to Salvage One, where their ceremony and reception were being held.
While Braxton was in transit, Alice was with groom Glenn, who was reading a card from his bride.
Upon arrival at the venue, Amanda slipped into her gown.
Everything was ready, and it was time for her first wedding-day meeting with Glenn.
Such a happy moment.
Amanda spotted a familiar face in the window…
…her bridesmaids!
She waved them down, and the entire wedding party posed for portraits in Salvage One’s courtyard.
Then they took the show on the road… and they brought balloons!
I love it!! So much fun!!
The group headed over to one of our favorite Salvage One-adjacent spots.
The happy couple shared a smooch in front of the Chicago skyline…
…and then the party moved back to the venue. Ceremony time was rapidly approaching!
There were a few giddy, special moments left before the ceremony began, so Glenn, Amanda and Braxton took some more photos inside Salvage One.
They even had a quick second to kick back and enjoy a drink!
But soon enough, Glenn took his place at the ceremony site, and watched with teary eyes as Amanda walked the aisle.
There was a lot of love and happiness in the room!
There was the traditional giving away of the bride, Amanda took Glenn’s hand, and the ceremony began.
They shared their vows…
…a friend delivered a reading…
…rings were exchanged…
…and they were married! Congratulations!
The newlyweds adjourned to a back room, wedding party in tow, to relax for a few minutes before the reception.
When cocktail hour was finished, Amanda and Glenn enjoyed their first dance as a married couple.
Words of advice were shared…
…and toasts were delivered by family and friends.
And then the dance floor was warmed up.
The guests strutted their stuff…
…showing off all their best moves.
It looks like the party was a huge hit!
You can only resist the pull of the dance floor for so long, friend!
Congratulations on your marriage, Glenn and Amanda! What a beautiful day!
And great work, Braxton! I can’t wait to see what you do next!