Braxton has done a fantastic job photographing weddings on his own this year. Helineh and Austin’s wedding was no exception, and I’m pleased to share a collection of some of my favorite images from their day with you.

Braxton started off his day with the beautiful bride as she finished her preparations.

Helineh’s awesome shoes.
Perfect! This girl’s ready to get married!
And here’s Austin, as he’s getting ready to start getting ready.
A little something for the hair…
A few minutes later, our groom was ready to go.
Their first meeting:
Braxton guided the couple around town for a pre-ceremony photoshoot.
A familiar face!
Helineh and Austin pose with their wedding party outside of Lincoln Hall.
The wedding party wasn’t afraid to walk through some rough terrain to take some photos on the west side.
It looks like the crew had a great time traveling through the city and taking pictures.
They eventually ended up downtown, taking a series of pictures on the bridge.
Fantastic! Now it was time for the ceremony.
Here’s Austin, taking his place at the altar.
And Helineh couldn’t have looked more beautiful.
They exchanged rings and vows, then were declared husband and wife.
Next up: the party! Helineh and Austin hosted a big dinner, then family and friends delivered speeches in their honor.
The newlyweds share a dance:
And then everyone joins in!
Things were getting frisky on the dance floor.
Wonderful work, Braxton! Congratulations on your marriage, Helineh and Austin!