Braxton did an amazing job on one of his engagement session from this past fall and I’m finally finding time to sharing it with you. This is Kate and Chris, and Braxton will be shooting their wedding next October.
I’m pleased to share some of my favorite images, beginning with this series of images taken in Millennium Park.
Next up was the garden by the Art Institute…
…and then on into downtown Chicago.
It’s not a proper Chicago engagement session without a skyline shot!
It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it.
Next up was the city’s west side and a shot next to the Metra tracks.
What an afternoon! Kate, Chris and Braxton tore up the city!
After all that hard work, Kate was exhausted and needed a lift from Chris.
Congratulations on your engagement, Kate and Chris! I’m looking forward to seeing the photos from your wedding next year!