This is Milo. He recently turned 13, and in keeping with tradition, Milo, along with his family and friends, celebrated his Bar Mitzvah. Braxton was there to join in the festivities as well. The following is a collection of some of my favorite images that Braxton captured that day.
Looks like Milo’s younger brother enjoyed some time on the piano bench.
Milo’s mom helps him with his tallit.
Milo’s father places a yarmulke on little brother Drake’s head in preparation for the ceremony…
…which included Milo being called upon to read from the Torah.
Milo’s parents were beaming with pride for their son.
After the ceremony, everyone met up at Ravinia for the party.
This candle display was set on one of the guest tables…
…that were all ready for hungry partygoers to sit and chow down at.
Milo recreates the picture from his childhood that was on display.
The picture was just one of many from this slideshow of Milo’s life.
The host thanked his guests for celebrating with him and his family.
And Milo’s dad had some loving words for his son.
Milo’s dad’s speech included a clip from one of Milo’s adventures in weather forecasting.
Then it was time for the Hora!
Milo’s mom enjoyed some dancing time with her son.
All the guests joined in on the dance floor for the celebration.
Milo got a lift from one of his friends.
This picture makes my back hurt! I wish I had that flexibility!
It looks like these guests knew how to party!
Milo made sure to greet all of his guests.
I see a Moonwalk in his future.
Congratulations on your Bar Mitzvah, Milo! It looks like your party was one for the books!