Nikki and Zeev are getting married this October and have asked Braxton to photograph their wedding! As with all his wedding couples, Braxton met up with the two of them for an engagement session a few weeks ago.

Nikki and Zeev are fitness fanatics, and wanted to take a few pictures at their gym, located a few blocks from their home. They got down to business pulling and lifting, while Braxton clicked away on his camera.

Whew! It’s hard work, but it’s worth it!
Nikki and Zeev ride the Metra into the city for work, departing from the Central Street station. This is one of my favorite images from the shoot, as Braxton did an awesome job with this perfectly timed photo!
Nearby was the campus of Northwestern University, and the trio enjoyed a short walk across campus on their way to the lakeshore.
They made a quick stop by Nikki and Zeev’s apartment…
…and made a trip up the road to the Botanic Garden. Of course, there were tons of photo opportunities throughout the park.
Congratulations on your engagement, Nikki and Zeev! We’ll see you again a few months for your wedding!