It was Rachel and Nate’s wedding day and Braxton was tagging along to document it for them. The day began at the hotel where the wedding party was getting ready. Braxton and Alice bumped into the guys, who were wandering around the halls.
After a quick ‘hello’, Braxton left Alice with the guys and made his way to Rachel’s suite. Look at that smile!! She was feeling (and looking) gorgeous!
With preparations all wrapped up, Rachel and her girls put on their coats and headed out for the first meeting.
Nate was in place at the pre-arranged location, the Kinzie Street Bridge, contemplating the beauty of marriage and counting the joys of his life thus far. Or he was watching two hobos fight on a nearby pier. Braxton can’t remember.
Nate took in a loving look at his bride, and the two shared a hug. No time to waste…
…wedding bells are ringing!
The church was packed with Rachel and Nate’s closest friends and family.
There was plenty of love to be shared as Rachel was escorted to the altar.
One of the younger guests needed a hand in containing his excitement.
Nate and Rachel joined hands and the ceremony began.
They incorporated several treasured traditions into their ceremony, including the lighting of a unity candle.
Vows and rings were exchanged, and they began their marriage with a kiss.
The newlyweds and their wedding party headed straight out of the church and hit the streets, excited and ready to take some pictures.
The couple and the groomsmen gathered in for a portrait…
…and then it was Kinzie again, for a shot of the whole party.
Talk about convenience! Binny’s was right there, so the guys dropped in to stock up for the trip around town.
I don’t know what RumChata is, but it sounds delightful.
There are easier ways to open a bottle!
You should see what he does with a keg.
Things were jumpin’ on the party bus!
The wedding party put that RumChata to good use…
…it’s hard to tell if this was a party bus or a nightclub!
I need to invite this guy to my next party. I’ll install a pommel horse just for him.
Okay, now it’s REALLY a party!
There’s nothing more touching than when friends express love for each other by sharing their french fries.
The wedding party was refueled and ready for pictures on the LaSalle St. Bridge.
Look at that energy!
And Braxton was on a roll, too. I LOVE this picture!
A quick stop at the El platform…
…and then it was time for the reception. Rachel and Nate kicked off the party with their first dance as a married couple.
Their loved ones lined up for toasts…
…three cheers for the newlyweds!
And the dance floor was just as crazy as you may have imagined.
It looks like it was an awesome party!
The guests were all having a blast, so Rachel, Nate and Braxton snuck out for a minute…
…to get this incredible skyline shot.
And to wrap things up, they had some fun with sparklers. Amazing shot, Braxton!
What a wedding! I wish I could have been there to join in on the fun, but seeing Braxton’s documentation of the party is the next best thing. Great work!!
And congratulations on your marriage, Nick and Rachel! Here’s to the years and years of fun yet to come!