Braxton had one of his most fun weddings of the year with Ronen and John, an extremely creative couple living here in Chicago. I wish I could have been there with him! The following are some of my favorite photos from the day:

Braxton started off with Ronen and John in their apartment as they were getting ready. Here, Ronen shows off her ornately beautiful mask.

A quick smooch for the hubby to be…
…and then it was time to suit up.
Ronen comes from a family of musicians. Her father is a professional musician and Ronen plays guitar (as you’ll see later on).
Ronen and John are ready to walk down the aisle.
But first, some pre-ceremony photos around town.
Their wedding party was there, too, to get in on the fun.
Each bridesmaid had a pinwheel that they proudly displayed in this group photo.
Ronen and John took their turns on the retired carousel.
And then everyone headed to Architectural Artifacts where Ronen and John were holding their ceremony and reception.
John watches as Ronen comes down the aisle.
Ronen’s parents gave her away and she joined John at the altar.
The couple proudly displays a symbol of their union.
With vows delivered and rings exchanged, they were officially married.
Then it was time for the party.
The newlyweds cut into their wedding pie.
The parents thank everyone for sharing the day with their family.
Family and friends took turns at the microphone to give toasts in honor of the couple.
And then Ronen shared her talents by performing for her guests.
Ronen and John shared their first dance together…
…and then everyone joined in the dance party.
Some of the guests partied too hard and needed a break!
It looks like a great time was had by all!
Congratulations on your marriage, Ronen and John!