It was Ross and Lucy’s wedding day, and Braxton was with them to capture all the special moments. The day began with Lucy as she finished her preparations.
There were lots of hugs and smiles all around!
Ross was getting ready, too, and giving a big thumbs-up to wedding day excitement.
Beautiful! Lucy looked gorgeous!
The programs were laid out and ready…
…for guests to pick up as they entered the church.
Lucy and Ross took their place at the altar, and the ceremony began.
Love was all around!
Vows were delivered, rings were exchanged, and they were declared married. Congratulations!
Outside the church, Braxton captured this great moment when the wind caught Lucy’s veil.
Three cheers for the newlyweds!
I love it! I want my name on a marquee when I get married, too!
The wedding party filed into the theater for some pictures. No time to watch a show, though…
…there’s a bigger party waiting!
But first, some goofing around was in order.
That’s very impressive, actually.
It looks like they found a great spot to take some nature-themed pictures.
What a gentleman! Ross made sure Lucy’s dress and feet didn’t get soiled.
They managed to get a ton of great photos completed before heading to the reception!
The party kicked off with Lucy and Ross sharing their first dance as a married couple.
Then friends and family took to the mic to share advice and congratulate the newlyweds.
Here’s to Lucy and Ross!
Next up were parent dances…
…and then everyone hit the dance floor!
Spirits were high as guests enjoyed cocktails and dancing into the evening.
Everyone was ready to show off their best dance moves.
Someone’s got a secret!!
A little air guitar never hurt a party!
Our ol’ pal Ben Mahoney was there, too, adding his usual air of class and style to the party.
I think it’s safe to say that the party was a complete success.
Congratulations on your marriage, Lucy and Ross! And great work, Braxton!