We couldn’t have been more thrilled to be a part of Sarah & Garret’s special day on the stunning island of Oahu in Hawaii! Braxton and assistant Alice were tanned and ready to document the bride and groom getting ready, right on the beach at Waikiki. Braxton started off with the ladies at the elegant Halekulani Hotel
Did we mention that Sarah is the sister of Ben Mahoney, the owner of Leap Weddings and Ben Mahoney Productions? We always love working with his crew, and today was no exception!
Also on the crew were the lovely ladies of Epoch Studio Salon, another favorite team of talented stylists who always help every wedding party shine!
Meanwhile, Alice was with the guys, enjoying the view from Sarah & Garret’s home in metropolitan Honolulu!
Garrett had a moment to read a note from his bride-to-be….
while his groomsmen were in a less romantic mood!
Sarah and Garrett prepared to see each other for the first time among the palm trees at the Halekulani.
Then it was off to take some pictures with the wedding party at some of the special places for Sarah and Garrett share in Waikiki, starting with this world-famous banyan tree.
They look so great in their Weddington Way Bridesmaids Dresses. Surfs up, ladies!
Back at the hotel, the families gathered for the signing of the ketubah, with multiple generations hamming it up!
As a proud member to the United States Army, Garrett wore his dress blues as he watched his bride walk down the aisle.
Sarah and Garrett always seemed to be able to make each other laugh…
and keep one another cool on a hot Hawaii evening!
Mazel tov, you two!
The party started to ramp up, complete with beautiful scenery and tropical drinks!
As the reception began, Sarah and Garrett shared their first dance…
and listened as their loved ones gave toasts in their honor.
Of course, Ben stole the show. Nice legs!
The happy couple were overcome having their family and friends travel to see them married.
And they were all grateful to hit the dance floor!
Jack McLain, Leap Wedding’s lead filmmaker, was killing it!
Congratulations Sarah and Garrett. Braxton and Alice were so grateful to share this adventure with you!