Sarah and Sakid were married a few weeks ago, right here in Chicago at one of my favorite venues: Salvage One. I wasn’t at this wedding, though- Braxton was- and he did a great job capturing all the special moments from the big day. The following is a collection of a few of my personal favorites.

The day started with Sarah getting ready.

Makeup applied, Sarah slipped into her dress (with some loving help).
Sarah and Sakid had their first meeting in the courtyard at Salvage One. Here, the bride makes her way to her groom.
Sakid’s face says it all! He lit up when he had his first look at Sarah.
There was an audience, as well, observing from the second-story window.
Sarah and Sakid grabbed a glass of celebratory champagne and joined Braxton for a pre-ceremony portrait session.
There are so many fun and interesting props to work with inside Salvage One. It’s hard to shoot a wedding there and pass the opportunity to have couples play a round of air hockey!
Nearby is a vacant lot next to a set of Metra tracks. It’s one of my favorite places to go- the excellent view of the Chicago skyline is definitely a plus!
Soon after, the gang was back at Salvage One for the start of the ceremony.
Sarah and Sakid joined each other at the front of the room and the ceremony began.
The bride and groom exchanged rings and vows…
…and were declared to be husband and wife. Congratulations!
The reception kicked off with friends and family delivering toasts in honor of Sarah and Sakid.
Even the younger members of the family had words of love and encouragement to share!
And finally, the newlyweds took their turn, thanking everyone for sharing the special day with them.
And nothing tops off a special day like a piece of cake! Check out this beautiful and elegant confection:
I think it was a hit with Sarah and Sakid!
Finally, it was time for everyone to cut loose and have some fun on the dance floor.
Guests were showing off their best air guitar…
…and bringing out their showiest dance moves.
Is that a ‘Thriller’ dance move I see?
This partygoer has his serious dance face in effect. You know he was about to bust out a major move.
What a party! Congratulations, Sarah and Sakid!
And excellent work, Braxton!