Saranya and Prashanth are getting married this weekend! Braxton will be serving as their photographer on the big day, and they met up earlier this summer for an engagement session.
Saranya looked amazing for the shoot, and I can’t wait to see her wedding day look.
They were hitting all the great spots in the city. They took a few shots by the river…
… then in Millenium Park…
… and one of my favorite places: The Art Institute Garden.
Then it was time for the lily pond next to Lincoln Park Zoo.
Saranya couldn’t resist dipping her toe in the water.
I love the bright colors in this photo.
What a day! Saranya and Prashanth posed for a last shot before taking off in the taxi. Another great engagement session from Braxton!
We can’t wait to see Braxton’s photos of your wedding, Saranya and Prashanth! Congratulations on your engagement!