Stephanie was putting the finishing touches on her wedding day look when Braxton arrived to photograph the event.
Stephanie was walking the aisle to marry her fiancee Joe, and their friends couldn’t have been any happier for them.
The bride was ready to go…
…and so was our groom.
Joe and his groomsmen show off their fancy footwear.
It was finally time for Stephanie and Joe’s first wedding day look at each other.
Joe got a good, long look at his gorgeous bride…
…and then the happy couple met up with the rest of the wedding party for some pre-ceremony photos.
Stephanie got in a group shot with her bridesmaids at the train stop.
And there were definitely pictures taken with one of the cutest members of the wedding party.
Next up was one of the couple’s favorite haunts…
…where the wedding party enjoyed a toast in honor of Stephanie and Joe.
Wait a minute, buster. Let me see that ID.
The group finished up their drinks and then headed back outdoors.
Joe and his groomsmen hung out by the lake during the shoot.
The wedding party squeezed in for a group shot…
…and then it was time for the ceremony! Joe and Stephanie got their Jr. wedding party members good and wound up before walking down the aisle.
Stephanie beamed as she was escorted down the aisle.
Joe and Stephanie exchanged their vows.
Their union was blessed after the vows and exchanging of rings.
Joe and Stephanie were beyond excited after the ceremony…
…and so were the members of their wedding party. Everyone was good to go for the celebration!
The party was started with a great meal, complete with toasts and speeches from important people in Joe and Stephanie’s life.
And when the plates were cleared, the guests hit the dance floor.
This partygoer was feeling the music!
Congratulations on your marriage, Stephanie and Joe! It looks like your wedding day was non-stop fun!