Get ready for Susan and Brigid! This fun-loving couple, whose wedding I’ll be shooting this October, took advantage of the wonderful summer weather to shoot their engagement session.
Susan and Brigid share my refined and sophisticated artistic sensibilities…
…such as my appreciation for weird lawn art! We started the session by stumbling upon this beauty in Rogers Park.
The lighting and weather couldn’t have been better, so we headed out for a photographic tour of the Lily Pond in Lincoln Park.
Susan was all smiles through the shoot.
And I was having a great time, getting to know them and sharing laughs.
This little guy even checked in to see what was going on!
We took one last portrait in the park…
…then had an outfit and location change.
The coat Susan is wearing in the next three shots is her grandmother’s. I loved it…
…and Susan looked great in it.
Next up was a stop for a bite with my friends at Antique Taco. I was going to take more pictures of them inside the shop, but we were too busy talking and eating!
Brigid and Susan love music and spend a good deal of time checking out the local music scene. Brigid, a fellow photographer, loves to shoot concerts, as well. Take a look at some of her work here.
We snuck inside the concert venue so they could rock out for the camera.
The photo booth was too tempting to be denied. After a few rounds we rushed out to meet up with a friend of theirs…
…Adam Levine’s animal double. Look at this guy! He’s Linus, Susan and Brigid’s pup, and he’s a straight up hipster. I was loving it!
Linus walked the group of us to the spot where Brigid proposed to Susan.
Great memories for the happy family!
And you can’t go to the park without letting Linus get some play time in.
One family portrait before leaving Montrose Harbor and heading home.
Brigid had one last thing to show me as I wrapped up the shoot. Her favorite team: The Cleveland Browns! This is the flag she proudly displays year-round in support of the team. And learning that the Browns played in Cleveland effectively doubled the number of things I know about football.
I had such a great time hanging out with you, Susan and Brigid! I can tell already that your wedding is going to be a blast!!