Brittany and Andrew will be getting married in October and I’ll be there with them, photographing the day. I’m even more excited to be working with this fun couple after working with them on their engagement session, which we had a few weeks ago. I met Brittany and Andrew at their place in Hyde Park. When I showed up, they were ready to go…
…but their cat wanted its time in front of the camera first.
Brittany, Andrew and I hit the town. First stop: this view of the city from near the museum campus.
Check it out! Some poor dragon met its untimely end here.
After stopping by two colorful mosaics…
…we spent time with a few colorful trees!
Brittany and Andrew were laughing with each other throughout the entire shoot. I can only imagine how fun their wedding day is going to be!
High fives all around! I’ll see you at your wedding in 2016, Brittany and Andrew! Can’t wait!