California. I love you!

My pre-wedding season trip to California was worth every penny. I always love going to Northern California. It has to be one of the prettiest places ever! It was great to be able to photograph so much personal work. I started off in Napa. Amazing!

Sonia Roselli happened to be in Napa the weekend that I arrived. We had a little photo journey around wine country. Here is a shot of her husband Nick in awe of all of the wine!
Sonia and Nick. Sonia was WORKING the camera in this shot!
Let’s talk about the light. If you are shooting in California and you can’t get amazing photos, just quit taking photos. Seriously. How can you take a bad photo with the California light?!
I stayed the night in Napa, waved to Sonia and Nick and then headed to the coast. Highway one IS my favorite place so far. I drove the coast a few years ago and I am sure it never gets old. I want to set up a tent and just stay in this spot forever…
This was a message board from a state park along the coast. I stayed at this park when I drove the coast a few years ago. What a sad little message board.
The sunset!
Another place to set up camp!!
Bury me here, I would be cool with that.
I crossed over this bridge on my way to the giant redwoods…
I could look at this forever! These are some of my favorites…
I ended my journey at Jenny Elwick’s! I love Jenny. Jenny used to photograph weddings with me in Chicago but she moved back to California to be closer to her family. After this trip, I can see why! If you haven’t already, you should check out Jenny’s awesome wedding work HERE.

She lives in Petaluma, CA. Petaluma is yet another place in California that I could call home. It was a great town!

Here are a few things that I noticed when I arrived!

Poor Jenny. Her best friends broke right before I showed up. Shoes stink. Sandals rule.
Her sister just threw these together for Jenny’s new studio…
Her car…
I had to grab some tissue to contain the tears of joy for the California weather. Yeah, that was a little cheesy. I know.
Um, this is in Jenny’s backyard. WHAT?!
Her very cool ‘art’ barn…
We decided to take a road trip to Jenny’s ceremony site. I will be photographing her wedding this fall.

Jenny and her fiance, Scott, had to take care of their sick little kitty before we left. He was hit by a car and lost one of his nine lives but he is fine now! Poor thing.

He took the meds like a pro!
But he was not impressed with these meds!
I love this one…
We finally arrived at her ceremony site… The sign alone got me excited for the big day!
She was excited about that. =)
This is it! Imagine this site filled with Jenny and Elaine dreams. Elaine is her sister. LOVE Elaine. She is crazy like me.
This was the local movie theater. It’s like out of a movie set?! Crazy.
These movie posters were painted under the marquis.
And this one was too. Oops. The Birds IS coming?! =) FAIL!
And then we headed back to Petaluma. Our drive back was pretty interesting…
Um, words cannot describe. We almost ran off the road when we noticed the man-nun.
And no, we did not do this. =(
This place just existed there. AMAZING! I loved this old barn.
Jenny got her camera out for this one!
Ah, Joy Road. =)
I took a few shots of Jenny and we were on our way to Bodega Bay.
I really love these photos of her!
Bodega Bay is where they filmed Hitchcock’s movie, The Birds. Here is the actual church from the film.
And this was a lucky shot!!! The steeple from the church with a possessed bird flying over it.
I am still not sure how we ended up shooting at the races in Petaluma but I loved that RV in the parking lot!
A quick shot of the fans watching the race and we went back to Jenny’s place.
I love this shot of her barn at the end of the night.
The next day was her birthday! I was lucky enough to be a part of it. They had planned a Wizard Of Oz theme. Jenny loves her rainbows! =)
Her cake was awesome!
And they even had a disco bouncy house!
And a beer luge…
And some crazy guests!
The bounce house was a huge hit…
Love this one of her brother!
And then the house died. Sad.
But it didn’t matter because her brother cooked for everyone!
Jenny’s mom tearing up some chicken! =)
Oh no! The princess gets it.
This cute little family showed up and I could not stop taking photos of this guy! =)
Star Wars and Wizard Of Oz all in one day…
That face!
Scott was pondering all of the clean up that was going to have to take place the next day!
Jenny’s sister, Elaine under the rainbow…
And then Jenny destroyed the rainbow…
Her mock proposal to Scott.
He was very touched…
And then we took a few photos with the cool artwork that her brother created for the big day…
Not sure who is playing who in this shot but I know her wedding will be a piece of cake. Her family is crazy! Me likes.
And finally, Jenny and Scott…
Thanks for letting me crash with you both. I loved experiencing your own version of Oz. I can’t wait to come back!!