It was Cassie and Bill’s wedding day, and our bride’s preparations were just about complete. All Cassie needed was a little assistance from her sister and bridesmaids in securing the dress.
Dress in place, Cassie fastened the final touch…
…and gave herself a once-over in the mirror. There wasn’t much touching-up to do, though. Angelica from Nika Vaughan did a marvelous job with the bride’s make-up and Rosie from Seiana wowed with her hair styling.
The bride was ready to go! First though, she opened and read a letter written by her groom.
The groom, Bill, was downstairs at Salvage One, enjoying a round of skee-ball with his groomsmen.
The guys finished up their drinks when they heard Cassie was ready…
…and headed outside for Cassie and Bill’s first meeting. The wedding party climbed into the school bus parked outside Salvage One, and watched as Cassie made her entrance.
Cassie was all smiles as she walked toward Bill.
Cheers erupted from the bus as the couple shared their first wedding-day kiss.
Bill scooped up his bride and carried her into the bus. It was time for pre-ceremony photos!
Beers were passed around to enjoy during the trip to our first location.
…and a cake was brought out for one of the bridesmaids who was celebrating her birthday that day.
There were lots of treats to enjoy on that bus!
Our first stop was the LaSalle St. bridge. Just like almost every other day this winter, it was snowing…
…and I think it made for some lovely photos!
One last portrait of Cassie and Bill…
…and then it was time to (carefully) make our way back to the bus.
As you can tell by Bill’s face, it was cold that day!
But the members of the wedding party were troopers…
…no complaints at all, even as they posed in front of the Board of Trade.
It was one happy group!
The fun continued back on the bus…
…and got even better when we made a special pick-up.
Cassie and Bill’s son, Tripp! What a cutie!
Tripp’s dad wrote a special message to his son on the window.
There were a lot of special messages given that day.
We arrived back at Salvage One with time to spare…
…and we decided to make the best use of the time by taking more portraits around the venue.
Cassie and Bill were even willing to step back outside for pictures in the courtyard!
Next up was some quality time with the family…
…before heading upstairs…
…where family and friends were gathered for the Ketubah signing.
Bill and Cassie listened as the Rabbi spoke.
Bill’s mom, on far left, and Cassie’s parents, the couple on the right, were all smiles as the marriage contract was read aloud.
Cassie and Bill took turns signing…
…and then their witnesses took their turns.
Bill’s dad led a hearty round of applause before leading the group downstairs…
…where the ceremony began a short time later.
Soon after, Cassie was escorted down the aisle by her parents.
Several of their close family and friends participated in the ceremony by delivering a group reading.
Cassie and Bill observed both of their religious traditions during the ceremony. Their Rabbi and Priest collaborated together to make a ceremony unique to the couple!
The couple made their vows of marriage to each other in front of their guests.
And finally, after exchanging rings and vows…
…Bill stomped on the glass and they were married!
Little Tripp was happy for his parents…
…but he was also very hungry. He and his parents snuck away for a snack…
…and I set out to take pictures of details. You know you’re at an awesome reception when they serve two cakes. This one, crafted by the artisans at Pastoral, was made entirely of cheese.
And this one was made of yummy, sugary goodness.
Each table was decorated with floral arrangements designed by the team at Vale of Enna.
Everything looked gorgeous- ready to entertain guests as they enjoyed the meal prepared by Food For Thought.
When guests were finishing dinner, Cassie’s father kicked off the speeches.
Bill’s brother was up next with his toast for the newlyweds.
Cassie’s friends took their turn as well, sharing some of their favorite memories of the couple.
The toasts were topped off with a kiss…
…and then the couple’s first dance as husband and wife.
Big finish!
Then everyone else flocked to the dance floor, beginning the party with the Hora!
Bill was hoisted up in his chair…
…and neither bride or groom could stop laughing during their turn!
Bill’s brother and the Cassie’s sister were up next.
Bill’s dad was really getting into it!
The Hora ended on a high note…
…and then Entourage kicked up the dance tunes that kept everyone on the floor.
Things were going to get wild, I could tell!
This party-goer was giving it his all! Look at his amazing use of pointed finger for emphasis!
I’ve been shooting weddings for… a long time now… and I’ve never seen this dance move. I’m open to it, though, and can’t wait to try it out sometime.
Everyone brought their best to the dance floor…
…especially the bride and groom. What a party!
Thank-you for sharing your day with me, Cassie and Bill! Congratulations on your marriage!