Claudia, Hannah and Tommy

A few weeks ago, I was at Montrose Harbor, meeting up with Claudia, Hannah, Tommy and their parents for a fall-themed family shoot. I check in with this family every year, and it was wonderful seeing how everyone had grown in the time since I saw them last. Doesn’t Tommy look so handsome in his […]

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Say ‘hi’ to Lahna! I met up with this cutie and her parents at Montrose Harbor for a photoshoot. Lahna was all smiles– a total natural, ready for her first big photo session! I mean, look at that happy baby! What a dream to work with! Lahna and her folks took a seat next to […]

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One Tail at a Time

It’s that time again! Just around the corner is One Tail at a Time’s annual fundraiser, The Houndstooth Ball! Just as in prior years, I was honored by being asked to photograph the models for the official One Tail calendar. This is one of my favorite shoots of the year– I love meeting all these […]

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Bradee and Madison

I was in my hometown of Brazil (Indiana, that is) a few weeks ago, and while I was there, I managed to squeeze in a few portrait sessions between visits with family. Sisters Bradee and Madison met me at one of the local parks to hang out and take some pictures. It was a perfect […]

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Julius was ready for Halloween! I met up with Julius and his parents at Wagner Farm in nearby Glenview, and right away, Julius was checking out the pumpkins. He was having a blast, running around the farm and checking out the sights… …but the air tosses from mom and dad were the best. It was […]

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Fall is my favorite time of year, and I love going to apple orchards and pumpkin patches. So when Elizabeth and her parents suggested meeting up at a href=”” target=”_blank”>Didier Farms for their photo shoot, I lept at the opportunity. So did Elizabeth! She was just as excited as I was to conquer the corn […]

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It’s Sebastian! I met up with him and his parents at Garfield Park Conservatory a few weeks ago for a family photo shoot. I can’t believe how quickly he’s growing! It feels like only a few months have gone by since we had his very first photo shoot. Sebastian is already in pre-K, loving school […]

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Evie and Max

I was at Evie and Max’s house recently to photograph the pair and their parents. I was excited to see their family again, and Max was excited to be photographed, but Evie wasn’t feeling it as much. After a few kisses and some attention from her big brother, though, she was good to go. Max […]

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It’s Ida! I always love seeing Ida and her parents, and today we had a special shoot planned as we visited Promontory Point. Her parents were married here! Ida was having a blast, exploring the rocks and looking out to the lake. And that wind was something else! Ida and her dad got a surprise […]

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I photographed Allison and David’s wedding a few years ago, and was thrilled when they called me, asking to take pictures of their daughter, Shoshana. I leapt at the opportunity, and met up with the family, camera in hand. Shoshana was curious about the park we were shooting at, and I got some great pictures […]

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It’s Micah! Micah and his parents met up with me a few weeks ago for a family shoot. Everyone was present and accounted for: Micah, Mom, Dad… …and Micah’s favorite stuffed bunny! These two pals were having a great time exploring Evanston’s Lighthouse Beach together. Micah set out on his own, too, checking out the […]

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Braxton shoots Chloe and Hiro

Chloe and Hiro had gotten married earlier this year in Portland, and Braxton couldn’t have been more excited to be there the document their wedding party in Chicago! People came from far and wide to celebrate with the new couple. The party was expertly coordinated at Chicago Illuminating CO. by our superstar friend and planner […]

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It’s Max! Max stopped by my house recently to check out the back yard and take a few pictures. He was looking sharp, too. Such an awesome hat! Max was quick to jump on the tricycle when he noticed it further back in the yard. Go to town, Max! It was great hanging out with […]

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Braxton shoots Katie and Sean

It was all sun and fun when Braxton and his assistant Alice arrived downtown to photograph Katie and Sean’s wedding day. Braxton started with Katie and the ladies getting ready, with the help of Jean at Diem Angie . He then took the ladies over to the LaSalle Street bridge for some photos. I love […]

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Natasha and Jimmy Trash the Dress

Natasha and Jimmy had gotten married a week or two earlier, to harsh rain and high winds. So they got all dolled up during some gorgeous weather, and Braxton rode around with them to capture some beautiful photos of the two of them. I really love this photo session, so enjoy! They started at Promitory […]

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Braxton shoots Natasha and Jimmy

It was a not-so-dark, but stormy morning when Braxton joined Natasha and Jimmy on their wedding day, but that wasn’t getting this couple down! Braxton joined Jimmy first to document the guys getting in their tuxes. Down the street, Natasha and her girls were getting gorgeous. A very special guest wanted to wish her well! […]

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Heather and Ben

Heather and Ben were married ten years ago, and I was thrilled when they asked to meet up again for an anniversary shoot. We met up at Evanston’s Lighthouse Beach, where we set right to work. In between pictures, we caught up on what was going on in our lives. A lot can happen in […]

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