Another beautiful Chicago afternoon! I was in Grant Park with Charlie and Jeremy as we toured the city taking some engagement photos.
And here’s the happy couple.
Charlie and Jeremy live in Chicago, but are getting married in Memphis.
What a gentleman! Jeremy gave his fiancee a lift through the tall weeds.
We stopped to take photos at some murals I found on a location-scouting trip I made earlier in the year.
And we found lots of colorful, creative graffiti art as we walked along.
This colorful corner makes for some great pictures. It seems like the kind of place people would sneak away to for a quick make-out session.
I also introduced them to Mr. Luchador. In my search to find a proper name for this guy, I again consulted the Mexican Wrestler Name Generator. Today’s name: La Tormenta Flaco. Translation: Skinny Storm. Meh. He doesn’t look that skinny to me.
I had a great time shooting your engagement photos, Charlie and Jeremy! I’m sure you’ll have an unforgettable wedding in Memphis- all the best to you both!